"Rupert took pictures for our annual brochure. He's incredibly easy to work with, listened to what we wanted and made great, creative suggestions. He made the staff look brilliant in the mug shots and took beautifully composed shots of laboratory demonstrations. I can't recommend him thoroughly enough; his natural talent for photography would be reason alone but he is also immensely hard-working, has a way of putting subjects at their ease so they look great and he works all out to please his clients."

Neil Adams

My work ethic means a great deal to me. Delivering a product that is precise, that balances information with emotion, that speaks to the viewer directly, in the most efficient and cost effective way. These are always central to my objectives.

Past projects include shoots for Senaptic, The Amazing Tent Company, Amelore, Macmillan Cancer Support, At-Bristol, Amazing Airstream, Kava Communications, The Good Life Experience, Appear Here, Euphoria Osteopathy, TFS Consultants, Coconut, Safaya Salter Equine, Uley Primary School, Uber Clothing LTD, Turner Race Developments (TRD), WMB Logistics and a 5 month documentation of the refurbishment of Prema Arts Centre in Uley, UK.

Please drop me a line so we can discuss your project.